about us

Our Hut is an architectural education charity based in Stockwell working in schools and local communities to deliver courses of architecture workshops. 

About us

Our Hut was founded in 2004 by Lucy Lavers, Judy Ovens and Suzanna Prizeman, who bring together a combination of experience in architecture, design and education.

Our Hut’s aim is to equip future generations to get involved in shaping positive sustainable environments. We inspire and educate young people and local communities through programmes of interactive workshops about the built environment.

We believe that knowledge and understanding of architecture and design are vital in developing children’s sense of responsibility in respecting, shaping and improving the built environment.

About our schools programme

Our Hut has carried out a varied programme of tailor-made architectural education workshops, on a range of different project themes depending on the requirements of the school or as suggested by Our Hut.

An Our Hut project can be particularly useful in schools where building work is planned or taking place.

Most projects are run over 4 or 6 morning sessions, although this is very flexible and we also provide one and two day courses.

The workshops provide children with the opportunity to work creatively in a cross-curricular subject, generating design ideas in small teams and producing 2D and 3D work to represent those ideas, as well as increasing their understanding and awareness of architecture and the built environment.

All projects are aimed at enabling and encouraging children to become active citizens – through getting them to participate in and examine what is around them. It is our intention to broaden children’s horizons as well, in terms of future training and employment in architecture and the construction industry.

The greater school community benefits through the dissemination of the project, for example in the form of an exhibition of the children’s work, a class book or a class assembly.

“It allowed for great links with the curriculum. Ofsted viewed the project as outstanding as it provided thematic links that made learning meaningful for children.”

Some of our projects

Current schools projects:

Sublime Structures at Crystal Palace Park

Heritage projects:

Brixton Townscape Heritage Initiative | Peckham Townscape Heritage Initiative