Heathbrook Primary School

At Heathbrook Primary School, Year 6 worked on All Aboard for Stockwell in June and July 2012. We were keen to build on work carried out with students in schools we had worked with previously to encourage the children to understand that they were contributing to a community project. Therefore, we started by showing the plaster Stockwell Bus Garage made at Lambeth Academy and asked the Heathbrook children to make plaster buildings to create the streets around the garage – in this way they were able to understand how ‘poured’ materials work and to get an idea of how the garage was made.

After visiting the garage the children were given a brief to design a ‘Public Zone’ which was to be a building next to the bus garage that could be used by both the public and bus garage workers. Each group decided what use the building was to have, and most of the buildings had several functions such as cafes, information centres, play centres, market stalls, museums and viewing platforms. We encouraged the children to think about scale by asking them to make their models to go alongside the large scale-model of the bus garage that we had made with the children from St Andrews. Each group then presented their model in this context.