Lambeth Academy

Students from Years 8 and 9 at Lambeth Academy took part in the All Aboard for Stockwell project over five weeks in the Spring and Summer terms. They began by learning about architecture generally and about the Stockwell Bus Garage specifically. Thinking about the building materials, they learnt about the nature of concrete and made their own bus garage and buses from another ‘poured’ material, plaster. We also investigated structure and experimented with ways to make it strong.

Following visits to the bus garage each group was given a brief to design their own building; the Year 8s designed a new bus garage for West Ham and the Year 9s designed a new office for the Stockwell Bus Garage, which had to include leisure facilities as well as administrative offices. They represented their ideas as collages and the fantastic models shown below. In the final session the Year 8s were visited by Malcolm McGregor, from the architects Pringle Richards Sharratt, who designed the actual new bus garage at West Ham. He discussed all the students’ designs and then gave us a presentation of the construction of the West Ham Bus Garage from brief to finished building. It is easy to see the new garage was inspired by the Stockwell Bus Garage, but it is made from lighter materials and has lots of sustainable features such as green roofs and solar panels.

  • Year 9