nine elms south bank

Nine Elms on the South Bank


Our Hut have been carrying out an exciting education and engagement project focused on the redevelopment of Nine Elms on South Bank (NESB) funded by Lambeth Council and the Mercers Foundation. It focuses on the new opportunities and transformation of public space arising from the regeneration area with particular reference to the range of jobs that are part of the design and construction phase. The project took place during the summer term 2014 in two primary schools in Lambeth: Ashmole and Hitherfield. Each class had four three-hour workshops during school hours including a general introduction to architecture, engineering and building construction and a site visit to Riverlight in conjunction with St James the developers. Following the visit to the site where the children learn about the scope of the development and the process of creating it, a design project was set with a brief to design a pavilion for the proposed ribbon park at NESB. Each group were asked to design their pavilion to showcase one of the professions or jobs involved in the construction or final use of the development e.g. architect, engineer, crane driver, market trader, riverboat driver. They made models to represent their ideas and finally presented them to visiting architects from Riverlight – the imaginative and exciting models the children made can be seen below. This stage of the project will culminate in a downloadable resource for schools featuring a timeline of the construction process. Our Hut is very keen to extend the project as the NESB regeneration area and the opportunities that it brings, has the potential to transform local communities.

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Site Visit

Making Structures

Models: Ashmole Primary School

Models: Hitherfield Primary School