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Sublime Structures in Crystal Palace Park Project

The Sublime Structures in Crystal Palace Park Project, devised and run by Our Hut, aimed to enable local young people and families to discover and celebrate the extraordinary legacy of design and engineering innovation found within the park, through school and community workshops as well as a family orienteering pack and this online teaching resource. The project was funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Bromley Council.

Our Hut designed this programme of creative heritage workshops for Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 to help local primary and secondary schools engage with the sublime structures of Crystal Palace Park and delivered them in 2018 at Rockmount Primary School, James Dixon Primary School and Sydenham School.

Peckham Townscape Heritage Initiative

Our Hut has designed a programme of creative heritage workshops to help local primary schools engage with the fascinating and rich architectural history of Peckham.

The Peckham Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) is a Heritage Lottery (HLF) and Southwark Council funded regeneration project from Our Hut.

Following workshops, we created an online resource to enable other schools in the area to carry out a similar project.

The scheme of work is most suitable for Key Stages 1 and 2.

Our Street: Learning to see

Teaching resource promoting visual awareness and understanding of the built environment at key stage 2. Published 2007.

Our Hut were commissioned by CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment which is now a part of the Design Council) to research, write and test in schools a resource book for schools.

The built environment is all around us, made up of the cities, towns and villages in which we live and work. These buildings, and the spaces between them, form a rich learning resource, full of clues about our past and challenges for the future. Taking as its subject a single street this book is intended to promote visual awareness and understanding of the built environment at key stage 2. Using the activities described, pupils will learn to identify and interpret the built environment that they see every day, by looking closely and analysing their experiences.
The Caravan Club: Caravan of the Future

Article for Design and Technology Magazine 2007 about a competition to design a Caravan For The Future featuring work from an Our Hut school project.
Twentieth Century Society

Article for the C20 Society Magazine 2012 about the Stockwell Bus Garage Project.