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A Space for Flowers: The New Covent Garden Flower Market


Schools Project

As part of A Space for Flowers project, the New Covent Garden Flower market is being used as a catalyst for creative school workshops. Five schools will be involved altogether, four carrying out architecture workshops with Our Hut and the fifth working with Click Photography Workshops recording the building photographically. The architecture projects all start with introducing the children to architecture generally and then looking specifically at the flower market. Each class will create 2D and 3D artwork either focusing on the ‘Journey of a Flower’ or as a response to an architectural brief for a hypothetical building.

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The Reay Exhibition

Visit to NCGFM Y1-2

Flower Shop Designs Y4-5

Visit to NCGFM Y4-5

Market Drawings Y1-2

Journey of a Flower Y1-2

Graveney School Y9 Models

Graveney School Y9 Structures