Sublime Structures – research and articles

Portrait of Joseph Paxton circa 1850

We are now starting to publish the fascinating articles about Crystal Palace Park’s Sublime Structures.

The articles have been painstakingly researched and written by our wonderful team of volunteers.

The first Sublime Structures article is about the man who started it all, Joseph Paxton.

Article and research by Kathryn Jones .

Joseph Paxton

Joseph Paxton designed the Crystal Palace, firstly for Hyde Park and then moved it to Sydenham, creating spectacular grounds, now Crystal Palace Park, to go with it. He was an incredibly energetic and innovative man:

On his first day at his new job (at Chatsworth), Joseph Paxton, having arrived by coach at 4.30 a.m. and scaled the kitchen garden wall, had explored the gardens, set his new employees to work, had breakfast with the Chatsworth housekeeper, and met his future wife, the housekeeper’s niece… all before 9am.

To read all about him and his incredible work, visit our Sublime Structures at Crystal Palace Park Resources page.

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