At Our Hut we believe that architecture is a fantastic discipline for teaching young people about the world around them, linking to all areas of the curriculum, developing analysis, design and making skills and just having fun! And it’s not only young people who are inspired by Our Hut – community groups, teachers and the general public all tell us they are looking at their neighbourhood anew after taking part in one of our workshops.

The great thing about architecture as a teaching resource is that everyone, no matter how old they are or where they live, knows something about it. From the youngest schoolchild everyone has opinions about buildings:

I like the Gherkin because it’s shiny and covered in diamonds

I feel sorry for people who don’t live in a tower block because they don’t have a view like mine

This makes an excellent starting place for discussion about the myriad things that make up the built environment including aesthetics, design, function, materials, technology and location.

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